Q~Whats the catch?

A~See our financing page. There are several different options. Of course there are companies that have different levels that are offered. Some go off of credit and others use your check writing history. There is the ever poplar No Interest option too. This option is good for the ORIGINAL price of the puppy. Meaning that, if the puppy is on sale, we will still finance it, but only based on the original amount. No sign up, service or any fees, but you must put 50% down

Pet Stores Sales

Q~ We bought a puppy at a pet store. Did it come from you?

A~This year we sold just a few to one pet store in Boca Raton, FL. named Love My Puppy.  The puppy died shortly after receiving it and so we will not sell to pet stores any longer. Puppies are thoroughly checked by our vet, not a cattle vet either. The puppy arrived with a restricted airway, like it had been crushed. Pet stores use very cheap shippers and we will not support them. It was checked the morning before it left. Then transported in a cage with several other puppies and then switched to another vehicle for transportation. For this reason, we will sell to NO pet stores. There are many good ground shippers, but typically pet stores choose only the cheapest, then try to blame the breeder. Usually they can quarantine the puppy for 2 weeks after it arrives and get it back to good health. So, you may have bought one of our puppies from a pet store. This is not our usual practice and we no longer feel obligated to help them. Pet stores want to buy our puppies and have even had other pet stores buy for them and then ship it to their store, usually because I have banned them. Breeders do not like me for the factual information I have just given you and sometimes get vocal with me for speaking the truth. I raise lots of Havanese and do want to know where each and every one of them will be living.