You have probably seen many ads by now as you look for that special puppy. There are many very nice puppies out there, but choosing the right one is difficult if you do not know how they are raised. First of all, you viewed the puppy for its color. The rest is what you can’t see or know, so let me describe your puppy’s life, thus so far, with us. The mothers have their babies in a supervised environment.

Prior to this, the mother has been subjected to de-worming and intestinal parasite control plus stress medicine to ease delivery and insure a healthy puppy. The puppy is monitored every 4 hours of life for the first two weeks. Then the intense worming control, intestinal parasite prevention and vitamin schedule starts. All dogs will have Coccidiosis and Giardia, symptoms of a stomach upset, as a potential in their health system. We control this and eliminate fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, and all possible worms from a very young age. They are on a sealed automatic water system and are allowed to eat at will, plus the flooring is a re-in forced vinyl coated wire for sanitary elimination purposes. Their living area consist of proper ventilation, heat pads and lights, carpet and fans. At different stages of weaning,they are inside the home and also in the grass and gravel areas…weather permitting. We take our profession seriously.

The environment and medication/vaccination schedule promotes a clean start in life and is the best for weaning a puppy. At night, they receive sweet treats, canned food and honey. Our doggies were raised from a very expensive breeding stock, $2,000, and I have kept only the best for breeders. We are full USDA, AKC and State inspected. Havanese is all that I raise and their lineage is AKC. We give discounts on two puppies plus free shipping on the second. Now that I have told you about us, please e-mail or call and let me tell you about your yourself and the puppy you are searching for.

Thanks…Gail (417)241-2352.