5 year Health Guarantee

The puppy sold is guaranteed as a healthy pet only. No guarantees are made in the areas of show quality, working capabilities or breeding capabilities.The puppy sold is guaranteed to be healthy and free from apparent congenital (born with) defects for (5) years that would prevent the pup from living a normal life. (Warranty does not include cryptorchids or over/under bites or respiratory.) This is a replacement policy only. We cannot guarantee against allergies or autoimmune. These are generally detected later in life and can be caused by many things. This is a genetics 5 year congenital warranty for coverage of things not seen as the puppy did not have time to fully develop yet such as the heart or knees. Additionally,for the protection of the buyer, this facility gives the buyer a general health guarantee of (3) days after the removal from the facilities. If within a (7) day period, a licensed veterinarian determines a serious illness or congenital defect exists, the puppy, if returned within (7) days after the initial guarantee period along with the examining veterinarian’s letter certifying the condition, will be accepted in exchange for a puppy of equal or lesser value immediately or as soon as an exchange puppy is available. This is at Havanese Haven discretion. These are business days, not including weekends. The extra days are for test results to come aback in. Most likely, we would just exchange the puppy, with proper veterinarian documentation. As shipping a sick, or weak puppy would not be in the best interest of said puppy. General health guarantee does not include any parasites. Our pups are dewormed, but it is a common occurrence for pups to have parasites as these will reoccur with any type of stress. Coccidia and Giardia are common parasites with puppies. The puppy is treated with Marquis and Secnidzole every two weeks to prevent this, but immunities vary greatly with each puppy and the breeder assumes no liabilities for the effectiveness of the product’s given. The breeder agrees to pay no more than $25 for a covered illness antibiotic. This is a onetime offering and no future payment of medications will be authorized. We do not pay veterinarian bills as all puppies need to be checked with (3) days from removal of this facility. The puppy is vaccinated, from an early age, with the best known Parvo and Distemper product’s that we have researched. This does not guarantee that your puppy will not contract the illness, but vaccinating does help to protect against it. In the event that the puppy may contract this within 7 days of the arrival of the puppy, it is at the discretion of the breeder, not the veterinarian or buyer, as to whether or not to have the puppy euthanized and a replacement given. A necropsy will be required if the puppy perishes. The breeder agrees to pay for the shipping cost of no more than $100 for delivery of the replacement puppy and a total vet charge of no more than $25 for euthanization of the ill puppy. The breeder assumes no liabilities for the effectiveness of vaccinations in prevention or reactions that may occur. We are also offering the option to have the Health Check done by our vet before you pick up your puppy.

***Thank you for adopting this precious puppy**