Lacy Lu

Lacy Lu

Lacy Lu- Gail & Eric, just walked into the house at 10:00
& “Lacy – Lu” is still introducing herself. She is soooooo funny & so much fun. What a fantastic traveler she is also. Glo put a puppy pad down between her feet & that little girl used it EVERY TIME she had to go. She had her food dish & water dish there also & she never missed a meal ????
And the dream just continues !!!!!! Great first night in new home, great with potty pads, great eating & drinking, very positive vibes with our cats (which is amazing), & was so, so friendly with our neighbor when she came over !!! ????????????
Ok guys, Lacy-Lu made some major accomplishments today.
1) Learned to walk with leash & harness.
2) Learned that she can potty (both jobs) when taken out in yard with leash & harness.
3) How to help mommy load the dishwasher (picture) ????????????.

Also met her groomer who trimmed her nails & did a little touch up w/o any charge .

We keep thinking she is going to take a day off from demostrating ti us just how smart she is, but that sure has not happened to this point ????????????

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