Teddy and Velvet found their new home

They’re both doing good! They just had their check up from the vet and got a clean bill of health. Thank you so much, they’re so beautiful and sweet.

Rick Johnston

Sophie get new home

Sophie is very happy and looking cute as a button in her new home!:

Willow New Home

Darling Willow is flourishing in her new home:

Cassidy is in her new home:

Hi! We picked up Cassidy earlier today and she is doing great! We are in love with her! Thank you again for being so easy to work with and sending her to us!


Thanks for puppy


She is a great friend with lots and lots of love to give and of course vice versa.

Hi Trina! Hope you all are doing well. I wanted to send you a Lilly update 🙂 she’s about 5-6 pounds now. She lost her first tooth, is super playful and spunky, likes going on walks, and she’s really in the biting/teething stage right now. We looked on your website the other day at puppies and when she heard your voice on the video she looked around and her little ears perked up so she definitely remembers you!!

Yes his flight arrived ok he ended up coming in at 10pm cuz of the temperature was to hot here, and thanks for everything we are all in love with him


she is Doing Great

She is doing great!  She has fit right in with the other puppies and our family.



Rebecca Skinner, our Vet, thought we named Becca after her


She slept the whole way home and Dexter didn’t want anything to do with her. We think there was some jealousy. But once we got home things changed and they started playing and everything is going good. Just put them to bed. Hope she stays down for the night.


Oh my have hugged her up and kissed her up . She sleeps with us. She is really adapting fast. She is so adorable. So is beginning to sit down whevever we are if I am in the kitchen she comes in and sits by me. All our time is dedicated to her, and her potty training. She has been good about going outside. Just a few little puddles, in here.

Winter is good

She is so wonderful. Plays outside a lot with both of us. Bill had her playing in the dirt for hours yesterday. She is sooooooo good. She listens and sleeps with us. He is 78 and I am 71 she has made us so happy. He can’t believe how good a small dog is. She is sitting in my lap right now.

Her new fleece coat is coming today and her reflective warm jacket. Thank you all so much you have made us so happy everyday, blessings your way for sure. xo

Sallye Astle

Sallye Astle


We just wanted to let you know that Wilson is doing fine. He made the drive back with only a little stomach issue at the beginning of the trip. He slept all night with Smokey in Smokey’s crate and neither made a peep. I think we all were pretty tired after the long drive.
Wilson is currently sitting on my lap as I write this note. He’s going to be a great addition to our family and we certainly appreciate your efforts in giving him and the rest of your many animals such loving care. We will keep you updated as to his progress.
With warm regards,
Dave & Teresa

Zoey at 8 months

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how thankful we are that we were able to find a place that had a lovable little companion like Zoey has become. We are so happy that she became part of our little family. She is just what we needed in our lives.

Thank you so much. I have attached a picture of her 8 month birthday.

Bonnie & Pete Miller

Pumpkin patch

I would like to let you know it’s now been a week. Abby has adjusted great her and Gabby play well and walk wonderful on a leash. Our free walk as I call them are our walks through the tails in the woods. Abby stays close and will watch my every move. Gabby will go up the trail a bit and return knowing I-am never out of her sight. They are wonderful, smart and so very loving.
Well to my point Abby have now learned to sit and stay.
Walk to the rt of me on a leash.
Come to me with hand signal.
These will continually be encouraged as she learns more. She is the sweetest cuddle love.
She and Gabby have learned to be bed and blanket hogs. Lol
Abby loves her coat and dress she is a ham for pictures. Again thank you.
I will keep you updated and please feel free to post for others too see her progress.
Thank you

Show puppy

Ralphie is doing fantastic-he is almost 5 months and almost entirely potty trained at this point. He is really filling out and becoming quite handsome. I have a friend who is a dog trainer and depending on how Ralphie matures I would love to have the opportunity to show him and send him to her for show training. There are a lot of big dog shows in the my area which makes showing convenient.
Thank you and I hope all is well!

Abby’s new dress

They are so easy to love . They are my babies and they are so well behaved I take them everywhere I go. They both went to my drs appt and slowed down the office and everyone wants one but wants me to train them first lol love is the answer and they will love u back in many ways. I would love to meet you some day and you mrs’ also

Sweet Pea

Happy Valentines Day from Sweet Pea!!! Best Chocolate ever!!! We go to the vet today at 4pm!

Lola all grown up

Lola all grown up! She has received her good canine citizenship award and she has passed all three puppy, intermediate and advanced classes. I am hoping to get her into therapy classes soon if my schedule will allow. Love her so much!! 💜💜

Happy 1st Birthday to Lacy-Lu

Tuffy and Cilla

Here’s a good pic of them together! They’re best friends, inseparable!

Skye and Daisy

Our girls
Thanks, Decker

Good morning. Roxanne took AJ to the our vet yesterday and the vet said the little guy is very healthy. Thank you! Ed


Annie (now Osita for little bear).
First Snow Day and she loved it !!x


Good Afternoon!
Indiana or Indy for short (Sparky)is doing wonderful! He is very cute and is perfect for the family! We love him and are already spoiling him.
Thanks again,


We loved the name Kipper and decided to keep as it is. He responds to his name really well. Deesha M.


Hi Eric-
I wanted to send you some pics of tyson at 6 months old. He is a beautiful dog and gets compliments on his coloring everywhere he goes. He is a feisty boy , lots of barking and lots of growling, and lots of playful bitting. He is spoiled rotten and we take him everywhere we can with us. I just need to get him some doggie training 😊🐶. We love him so much!!! Thank you for the perfect puppy!!
Phylis Fincher


We arrived home safe with no accidents, he is a very tough puppy 😍 He is absolute joy, most gorgeous pup ever 😍 we gonna name him Sunny – he is a little sunshine 😍Thank you very much

Velcro dog

We ate, we played, we slept a bit, we pooped outside 😃, we are doing great👍 we do hate being enclosed in the exercise pen 😬 true velcro dog 😎

Medea Marr

Sunny’s hearts

2 hearts on his back 😍 extra love

Medea Marr


Munchkin is doing great! He slept with me all night and goes potty every time I take him out. I’m so in love with him!! Thank you again!

Becca’s movie night

Sweet Pea 18 weeks. Movie 🎥 night last night🤗


5 years and 7 months My lovely b❤oy Romeo 😍️

maritza suarez

Romeo Abbott

Eric Martha and I cannot thank you enough For locating the videos they are really wonderful and I’m no wuss but belief me I got a liitle emotional, & have to say it brought a tear to my eye, to see the little guy so young, so darn handsome, and so damn cute, jumping around like a wind up toy, and with that little bark of his! Eric, we can’t thank you enough, your the Man Eric!! Thanks again, God bless you and the Ladies please! Our heartfelt thanks & Love to All!


Thomas Martha


Just dropping a note to say Miss Portia did great on the car ride home to Fayetteville and is settling in with us very well. She is a sweetie, and we’re just crazy about her! She will see her vet this Friday.
Thank you so much for giving her such a great start to a good life!


Roscoe did great on the trip home, despite some tummy upsets. He is just fine with the pets and they are adjusting to him. He is eating well, slept in his crate with a comfort toy, walks on his leash and potties outside. All in all he is very happy in his new home.
Thanks for your kindness yesterday and we will recommend Havanese Haven!